At Risk Students

Apr 04, 2013   09:10 AM
by Floyd Crider

From the book A Nation At Risk came the term “At Risk” students. That is to say, students that are at risk to drop out of school. At risk factors have been developed after research determined many reasons students leave school before high school graduation. Some of them include: being held back in the same grade; death(s) in the family; pregnancy; failing grades in two or more core subjects and others.

It is possible to early on identify students At Risk and provide intervention measures to address the issue(s) and, hopefully, prevent the occurrence. But, evidently, we are not as successful as we would like to be. We do have alternatives that can help students matriculate and graduate. One is Credit Recovery whereby students can make up failing grades and get back on track to graduate with their class. The selected students attend classes for certain periods, after school or, once, in the summer, in the Credit recovery lab. The classes are CBI, or Computer Based Instruction, and are self paced.

Another is PAYS (Preparing Area Youth to Succeed) which accommodates students who are having major issues. Students can attend morning or afternoon classes. Once again the classes are CBI and self paced.

Another used to be Night School discussed in an earlier blog.

Parents and students should be made more aware of other programs as well. I believe that Job Corps is a viable alternative that is under publicized. I feel that information about the program should be on our district and high school web sites. The program allows selected students to attend school in a controlled environment in certain cities. They receive work opportunities to earn money while attending school. They also have the opportunity to learn a trade while, hopefully, earning a high school diploma.

These options could be made more visible to stake holders. What do you think?

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