Career and Technology Education (CTE)

Mar 12, 2013   03:49 PM
by Floyd Crider

Not every student is going to college nor should they. I need someone who can fix my car and HVAC. I need someone who can build and do major repair on my house. There are many fields of endeavor that require workers and they pay quite well. I think that the public should be encouraged more to enter into the discussion of what might be worthwhile to have in our community.

I spent a week at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in Sweetwater, Texas learning about and visiting classrooms, sites and other TSTC locations. As anyone traveling outside of San Angelo going north or west knows, wind energy is dominating the landscape and appears to be a permanent part of the energy response. Anything with moving parts will require maintenance sooner or later. Shouldn’t we at least explore a class in this area? Are students interested, what is the pay (lucrative), what are the employment opportunities, how does the grid work, what are future plans for alternative energy? Would a class in this area be viable? What about other areas? Electricity? Plumbing? Machinists? Perhaps, we could hold a public workshop on the subject to ensure there is dialogue on this subject.

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