Apr 23, 2013   03:44 PM
by Floyd Crider

Communication/Town Hall

I believe that genuine dialogue is necessary for greater understanding.  Greater understanding is necessary for trust.  Trust is necessary for relationship.  And, with relationship and mutual respect we can reach consensus.  Consensus is greater than compromise.  With compromise everyone must give up something.  But, with consensus, everyone must get something.  The difference is in the mindset.

The exchange of information, ideas, opinions constitutes dialogue; communication.  I would like to see town hall type meetings throughout the district.  We could conduct them at churches, lodge halls or other convenient venues.  I know that we have PTA and PTO meetings.  But in my experience, they do not abet exchanges in that the agenda usually is preset and may not include concerns from all present.  An open town hall would allow any subject to be addressed.  All stake holders could be heard spontaneously.  It would be bottom up as well as top down.  On a smaller scale, interested parties could invite their friends and neighbors into their homes to interact with board members.  This could be done periodically throughout the school year, perhaps monthly. 


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