Educator Experience

JAN 88: Goodfellow AFB,Instructor, Military Intelligence Crypto-Analyst Course, Sgt 1st Cl (E-7) JAN 89: Goodfellow AFB, Instructor Supervisor, Plt Sgt (E-7)

JAN 95-MAY 96: Teacher, Carver Learning Center (Alternative Disciplinary campus); GED Instructor, Math Science
AUG 96-MAY 97: Teacher, Central HS, On Campus Suspension (OCS)
AUG 97-NOV 98: Teacher, Central HS, Geog, Gov/Econ
Aug 97-MAY 98: At Risk Coord, Central HS
NOV 98-MAY 11: Counselor, Central HS (Retirement) Counselor of the Year 2009

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