"I just want to say that having had Mr. Crider as a counselor at Central was huge in my daughter's success. I saw him many times over the years and I saw that he never gave up on a child and I saw his overwhelming pride with what his students accomplished both during and after high school. If there is anyone who knows the school system and district it is Mr. Crider."

-Janene Shive Gryder

 "I had 7th period in the Counseling Center during my senior year at Central. I remember seeing Mr. Crider and wishing that he was my counselor simply because I could tell he cared about his students and he seemed like a good person. If what I witnessed back then is any indication of what he can do for the school system and district now, then please make an effort to see that an experienced, loving, and good-natured person is finally put in office."

-Courtney Noriega

"Former Democratic candidate for Congress, Jim Riley supports and fully endorses Floyd Crider for Board of Education in San Angelo, TX. Please support, help and vote for Mr. Crider. Floyd you are NOT only my friend, YOU are THE best qualified candidate. Thank You."

-Jim Riley

 "I have no hesitation in endorsing Floyd Crider in his run for a seat on the San Angelo Independent School District Board. I am sorry I am not in his district, for I would certainly vote for him. He has preached for us at Community Hills Christian Church many times while we are without a pastor. He is a genuine, loving Christian and always brings a message of hope. That’s what we need on our SAISD Board.

I do hope that those who live in his district will vote for him. He is worthy of your vote."

-Lucy Seaman

"I have worked with Mr. Crider for many years while security for the SAISD and now while serving on the board of the Galilee Development Corporation. Mr. Crider is a veteran and has always been a servant first. Let's get Mr. Crider on this board so he can continue to contribute to our great community."

-Mike Hernandez

"My husband and I no longer live in San Angelo and are, regrettably, unable to vote for Floyd Crider. But we wholeheartedly endorse Floyd Crider for a position on the Board of Trustees. I worked with Floyd as a board member of Galilee Community Development Corporation for many years and have watched him as an educator, a leader, a community service worker, a pastor, and one of the most considerate, hard-working, tenacious, caring human beings I have ever known. If you want an articulate, eloquent, conscientious person on the school board, one who will take the time to consider the needs of your student and each and every other student, please consider contributing to but most importantly voting for Floyd Crider for SMD 4 of the School Board of Trustees."

- Irene Luvaul

"Wow, I can't think of a better guy to have on a school board. Who better understands the needs of students than someone who has spent his life working with them face to face every day for many years. Floy, I can't vote for you because I live in Bexar County now but I can sure give you a donation."

- James Quillian

"I have known Floyd Crider for about 6 years and during that time he has impressed me with his dynamic personality and leadership. He certainly follows the golden rule. His approach to problems is calm, reasonable, and well informed.
Floyd will be an above average school board member if elected."

- Stella Lasswell

"Integrity, passion, intelligence and compassion are the qualities that come to mind when reflecting upon the character of this candidate. I know that he would be a phenomenal asset to the school board."

- Beverly Munro

"Great candidate fully qualified"

- Lydia Ramon

"Floyd Crider is a man of honor and ability. He is superbly qualified to serve on San Angelo's school board. His extensive record of public service as well as his intimate knowledge of school operations make him an obvious choice in the May 11 election. Please give him your vote and your enthusiastic support."

- Perry Flippin

 Floyd Crider embodies integrity, fortitude and wisdom and has been a respected leader and educator in the community for over 20 years. If elected he'll certainly enhance the level excellence by which the Board Of Trustees currently operates.

-Jerline Thompson


As a former Tom Green County elected official, a community activist and a former Real Estate Agent, I can acknowledge that to receive an endorsement from the San Angelo Association of Realtors, one needs a great reality campaign platform. One of Floyd Crider's platform issue that caught my attention, is his "Career and Technology Education" program. When I intregrated and graduated from San Angelo High School, students had that choice. My training in woodshop and the teacher, Mr. Redfield serves me well, even to this day. I highly recommend and endorse, Floyd Crider, for his foresight as a teacher, counselor and as a At Risk Coodinator. I further, ask my friends and supporters to join me.

-JB Hall

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