Guns In Schools

Apr 09, 2013   03:09 PM
by Floyd Crider

Recent mass murders around the country have resulted in some calling for teachers to be issued guns for deterrence and defense. Though the idea seems feasible to some, I don’t know if they have thought it all the way through.

First of all, all teachers will not be predisposed to handle firearms. Not everyone is. Further, they also may not be predisposed to aim and shoot to kill a potential perpetrator. Like others, in their initial situation at least, they may “freeze.” Just like soldiers and others.

Secondly, those that do not freeze could get trigger happy with the result being friendly fire casualties. Just like soldiers and others.

To preclude these scenarios, teachers would have to have more than safety and methodology training. They would need pop up decision course training and lots of it. Who is going to pay for this training, weapons and munitions? Have we considered the cost?

Third, as Mr. Dendle stated, if we want a math teacher, we go out and get a professional, certified math teacher. The same would apply for a physics teacher. Thus, if we need security, we should go out and get professional security personnel.

Teachers have enough to do without worrying about mandatory weapons usage. Where would the weapon be stored? Do we wear holsters? What happens when we are showing a student something at his desk and the student behind you thinks he can get your weapon? What happens if a teacher has a rough day and has it with a student or is threatened by a student? Too many variables

We cannot assume that teachers will all want to be Rambo, John Wayne types taking out bad guys with a yippee kiyo warhoop. I don’t see it as necessary at this time. But if it ever was the teachers would have to be volunteers and would need extensive training and attitude testing.

What do you think?

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